We have a range of printing options to best suit the item, using the latest techniques to ensure that you receive an item of good quality. The process will vary with the item from sublimation for ceramics to ultra thin flexible vinyl for lettering on clothing. The suitable printing process for each individual item can be found in the item description. Below is a brief description of each process, for more info please do not hesitate in asking.

Colour Matching of Artwork - Photos

Please note that there is no guarantee that colours shown in artwork will (or can) be accurately reproduced, this is often down to technical issues with the specific print process used for that item. It should also be noted that two computers may show differences in tone of pictures and therefore what we see on our computers used in the production of the artwork, may not be the same as that shown on your computer at home, that can lead to variation of the anticipated colour(s). We emphasise that we provide a quality product for the price charged, in that respect we make all reasonable efforts to ensure correct colour matching but no guarantee can or is given that will in practice be the case.

Full Colour Sublimation

This is used for a wide range of clothing items and on most hard products such as ceramic mugs and bags. The process is only suitable for printing onto white and light coloured items, such as polyester, it is unsuitable for cottons unless a patch is first applied. The process gives a good reproduction in full colour by printing into the surface of the item and therefore gives a long life to the print. The process enables printing low volume printing at a reasonable cost as there are no set up costs as there are with other more traditional printing methods such as screen printing. However,it should be noted that whilst all endeavours are made to ensure accurate colour matching we cannot guarantee absolute colour perfection, this is particularly important to note with glass items which are translucent and can have a washed out effect.

Applied Vinyl

This is used to apply letters and decals to clothing, signs and some other goods. We use two basic vinyl types although we stock a full range of colours and types of vinyl. The vinyl we use for clothing is a soft feel vinyl that stretches with the clothing to give a robust finish. As well as specialist clothing vinyl's such as flocks, glitters and glow in the dark.

The vinyl's used for our letters, signs and other hard surfaces are gloss and matt 7 year exterior vinyl, as used throughout the industry for vehicles, shop window displays and sign boards. Along with a full compliment of specialist vinyl's for every occasion such as imitation frosted glass through to reflective vinyl's.


We are able to offer a full in-house design and stitch service for those wanting embroidery. This is undertaken on commercial grade embroidery machines to a high standard whether that is a single colour word or a complex full colour design.

Pad Printing

This is the process most associated with promotional goods due to its relatively cheap process and ability to print on shaped objects such as pens and golf balls. It is a process similar to that of screen printing using similar inks to deposit a single colour print, although multi coloured prints can be produced. There is though with this process a one off cost to set up the print making the process only suitable for print runs in excess of 25 items (although on some smaller items the quantity might be 50 or a 100).

Screen Printing

Screen printing has been traditionally used for signs and t-shirts, although it is also suitable for a much wider range of products and is the cheapest option for medium and long print runs of single and multiple colours. The process does require a set up charge and therefore the minimum print run is 25 items.

Hot Foil

This is used for printing onto pens and other items where a high gloss colour such as bright gold is required. This is also used extensively in the production of business cards, birthday and Christmas cards.


This is used on most of our metal items to give a long lasting quality commemorative or other gift. Such as lighters, hip flasks etc.

Carving and Shaping

This is our latest additional to our process where we can offer fully CNC carved signs and other decorations mainly on wood and plastic items.